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S.J Corporation was established in 1985 based in Karachi, Pakistan. With our regional offices in Jeddah KSA and Sharjah UAE, we specialize in all kinds of Ferrous, Non Ferrous and Plastic Scrap.


Business Activity:-

We deal in different grades of Ferrous Scrap:-

Re-Roll able, Re-Melt able, HMS-1, HMS-2, Tin Sheet Cutting, LMS, etc.


Non Ferrous Scrap:-

Fridge/A.C Compressor, Mix Metal, A.C/Washing motors, Self Generator/Carburator, Etc. Condenser pipe, Sandwich Sheet Cutting, Aluminum Foil, Hard Aluminum, Copper/Aluminum/Lead Cable Cutting.


Plastic Scrap:-

PVC/UPVC/CPVC pipe, all type’s of Plastic Crush.


Material is collected from Europe (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.) and from all over The Middle East, with our collection points in Jeddah and Sharjah.This material is then exported to India, China and Far East. Material shipped to Pakistan is consumed locally or sorted, analyzed and processed to be re-exported to Europe, India and China as secondary raw material ready to be used by end users.


Our vision

“We strive to become the leading recycling group in our region to better facilitate our commitments to our trade partners, our economy and to work for a greener cleaner environment to ensure a healthy future. We aim to achieve our goals through a well established network of facilities and our agents all over the globe”.